Here at EZaccessMD, we like to party. Today we are celebrating the commitment our employees constantly exhibit to make the lives of our patients FREE and EZ.

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Wondering how to show your employees your appreciation this year? Here’s an idea- Do they have a health benefit that is free? Yes, we said FREE! Get their attention and loyalty when you give them free access to telehealth and in-home diagnostic care, and reduce your overall healthcare spend at the same time. Nothing shows appreciation like EZaccessMD. Here’s what one patient said about the innovative benefit from EZaccessMD,

Such a blessing to know I have help at the touch of my fingers. Love that you come to my house and help my family. Your employees are great help also a delight to know I matter!!!

With constant feedback like this, our employees deserve all the recognition in the world!

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In addition to cost issues, employees are having trouble even getting an appointment with their doctor these days. EZaccessMD can solve that with on-demand care 24/7/365. Patients can always rely on EZaccessMD to speak to a board-certified physician within 15 minutes. If necessary, we’ll even send a mobile team to your house within a few hours to administer anything from a strep test to an X-ray.

As staffing shortages impact every industry nation-wide, healthcare systems are struggling to provide quality care with less manpower, and patients are experiencing the negative impacts.

In honor of Employee Appreciation Day, business leaders should be looking for ways to demonstrate how much they value the health of their employees by seeking alternative, affordable healthcare solutions.

Below are the 3 L’s” patients are taking due to understaffing in 2022, and how a health benefit like EZaccessMD can make it an EZ fix.

The 3 L’s

Longer Wait Times

With more patients and fewer healthcare workers, hospitals, urgent cares, and doctor’s offices are seeing unprecedented wait times for patient intake. Sick or injured patients waiting to see a doctor are forced to endure discomfort as they wait hours to be seen, as well as face the risk of exposure to illnesses.

The EZ Fix: Our mobile healthcare solution promises immediate consultations with physicians 24/7/365 and in-home testing or imaging within a few hours. When patients receive a near immediate consultation, they can begin their journey to a speedy and effective recovery, regaining their health and returning to work sooner.

Less Availability

Making a doctor’s appointment for preventative screenings and assessments has never been so difficult. The Association of American Medical Colleges found that, by 2030, the estimated shortage of primary care physicians will be between 8,700 and 43,100 physicians.

The EZ Fix: Due to this, providing peace of mind that affordable medical care will be available to employees around the clock is a huge selling point for talent when accepting job offers or building corporate loyalty. EZaccessMD offers as-needed medical care and imaging, limiting the need to be seen by primary care physicians or go to the hospital for advanced services.

Lack of Resources

As hospitals and healthcare systems look to curb staffing shortages, they are spending more money than ever on salary increases, better benefit packages, signing bonuses, and more to attract more talent. Therefore, expenses are being cut in other areas, including elective surgeries and treatment availability for patients.

The EZ Fix: These organizations are promoting telehealth options more than ever before to make treatment more efficient and less impactful to their bottom line. A survey by Accenture found that in early 2020 only 7% of people had experienced a virtual consultation with a provider, but that number had climbed to 32% by mid-2021.

Don’t take another L this year. Adding EZaccessMD to your corporate health benefit plan to overcome current healthcare challenges is a great way to show employees that their wellness and convenience is valued. Call 855-313-8145 today to learn more about how you can show your employees you care in 2022.

EZaccessMD is the only mobile urgent care that offers diagnostic testing and imaging in the home or workplace. Not only are we revolutionizing the way employees get care, we’re making it affordable for them and their employers.

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