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Benefits Revolution: The Next Generation in Employer-Sponsored Healthcare recently became a "#1 Amazon Best Selling Publication.” I feel deeply honored to pen a chapter in this book, alongside a select group of thought leaders in the healthcare industry. For advisors and employers aspiring to not only challenge the status quo but also enhance their appeal in the marketplace, this is a must-read.

In chapter 5 (Changing the Path to Healthcare) advisors and employers are provided a clear roadmap to leverage the innovative approach of bringing quality healthcare directly to the doorsteps of employees. Within this chapter, I share my insights on the seamless integration of in-home healthcare services with health benefit plans, presenting a transformative solution that has the potential to reshape the landscape for both employers and benefit advisors.

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The notion that care can start with a simple phone call vs. a car trip to an in-person visit that may result in patients being treated in the comfort and convenience of their own home involves a major behavioral change. We can now consider home-based care as a promising new opportunity, driven by changes in behavioral expectations brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our homes are not only a viable location for delivering healthcare services, but also preferable from a patient’s standpoint, and evidence is quickly mounting that the clinical outcomes are simply better under this model. We know that patients who seek treatment at their local hospital may run the risk of exposure to serious infection, not to mention a huge medical bill. The fact is that many care episodes can be safely, quickly, and effectively treated at home.

What we need to do is convince patients and payers in the massive employer-provided group health insurance market to adopt a new mindset about how they think of our broken healthcare system. The hospital should be considered a last resort rather than a first resort. What’s so revolutionary about EZaccessMD is that it can make this determination by a simple telehealth call with a board-certified physician – a triage to identify whether the most appropriate point of service will be the home, in-person primary care or hospital visit. The idea behind this interaction is that it will be more efficacious and less expensive.

Grab a copy of the book on Amazon for a complete guide on how to change the path to healthcare:

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EZaccessMD is the only mobile urgent care that offers diagnostic testing and imaging in the home or workplace. Not only are we revolutionizing the way employees get care, we’re making it affordable for them and their employers.

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